What funding does for us 2016-07-05T21:41:18+00:00

In addition to the ongoing financial support from fundraising,

which we rely upon for maintaining our work and caring for the girls,

we have been fortunate to have had these very generous donations

The Kensington House

Thanks to FNB Home loans and Shared Services Volunteers a  house in Kensington was donated in 2000 to Home of Hope to use as the home for 25 girls. The house is in good condition, although it does need some important maintenance work and improvments which would make it more suitable for such a big ‘family’. We are currently seeking finance for this improvement work. We have a small garden in the front of the house which we use to grow vegetables to suppliment the girls’ diets.

The remaining girls which are under our care still live in apalling conditions; our intention is to purchase another house as soon as fundraising is sufficient for this.

Our Bus

Wesbank kindly donated a 10 seat vehicle to Home of Hope. It is used for the school runs, which involve several journeys daily, and any household needs. The bus is so important to us and we really appreciate Wesbank’s generosity.

However, as it is in constant demand Mam Khanyi must rely on taxis to go to the office daily. In addition, once a girl’s family has been located transport is needed to visit and fully assess the situation to see if it’s safe to return. Another vehicle for Home of Hope is essential.