It is with a great amount of pride that we welcome you to our new website and blog.

For those of you who have known us from before, “Welcome Back Home, what do you think of the renovations?” To the newcomers, we welcome you and thank you for stopping by, how do you take your coffee?

Seem a bit playful?

We’d like you to think about what the word Home means to you? A place you can return to? Welcoming? A roof over your head? Some warm respite from the cold? A place that defines and prepared you for the world outside its walls? Where your future is born? Hope…

Home of Hope is a sanctuary whose intention is to shelter, create and foster all of these positive intentions within her children, many of whom at a very young age have already experienced the harshness of circumstance outside her walls. It is within the sanctuary of Home of Hope that the work to restore dignity back into their lives commences.

Mam Khanyi finalHome of Hope was established in 2000, in Berea, by Mam’ Khanyi. At first it was with personal funds that she took in 5 girls, stepping into the matriarch space from which the Home has grown.

It’s been 16 years of love invested. 16 Years of growth. 16 Years of tenaciousness. 16 Years of volunteers, donations and dedication. There are now two homes rescuing girls from the street, in Berea where Mam’ Khanyi started her life’s work and now also in Kensington.

And now, we have a new website! And a new blog. and don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

We plan to share with you all stories to inspire. Our Home of Hope is full of stories of heartbreak and of amazing survival, of courage, perseverance and love. There will be opportunities of growth and entertainment. Most of all we present the opportunity for you to engage, participate and celebrate as we take Home of Hope forward over the next 16 years, into the digital arena!

In closing we’d like to say a great resounding Thank You to all who have brought us this far, but…

…a true welcoming from all of us at Home of Hope would be incomplete if we failed to include the voices of the girls themselves.

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