Candy Bar wishes and Chocolate Dreams

Once upon a time there was a dream…

Home of Hope relies on the support and assistance of her many and varied benefactors. Volunteers, partners, donations, investment, time… these are all ingredients which ensure that the Home is kept running and able to meet the need of the girls that live within her walls. But the dream of Home of Hope is growing, as the urgent need for her safety is required, and an as organisation grows, so do the running costs.

This is a story about a chocolate, about a vision to create and generate an independent source of income for Home of Hope. Much like the achievements of our beloved Mam’ Khanyi, the dream of a chocolate has travelled a long and difficult journey which has spanned continents.

As with so many great stories, the dream started as a conversation, just like the new website and blog you are now reading, some invested individuals came together in the hope of contributing to the needs of Home of Hope. The conversation grew into a plan, the plan at times seemed insurmountable. It is not a small dream to try and create a branded chocolate for charity, from the start a chocolate of quality was the end game. But just like Mam’ Khanyi whose journey to bore the dream of Home of Hope, the dedicated team of supporters don’t like to dream small!

We tip our hats to the combined efforts of Seed of Light South Africa “SOLSA”, the primary fundraising support for Home of Hope, Rasada Goldblatt, a Home of Hope representative, and French South Africans Philippe Mihailovich and Caroline Taylor, whose tireless efforts and vision travelled to France and back again, bringing with it the chocolate delight of one of France’s favourite brands of chocolate.

DSC_0411Is there anything more delicious than chocolate bouchée’s? Bouchée literally translates into a bite size or mouthful, and who doesn’t love a mouthful of chocolate? Especially if the chocolate in question is produced by a team of renowned french chocolatiers whose chocolates have only ever been sold within their own borders. Home of Hope, a small product of love itself, is bringing to South Africa chocolates that have never been within our borders before, from a land far, far away.

“Cadeau” means gift, and the real gift of these chocolates comes from the fact that they are from France’s only “plantation-to-production” chocolatier, and makes use of cocoa from Côte d’Ivoire. This kind of chocolate, also called “Bean-to-bar”, is gaining in popularit because the art of chocloate making rests in the hands of the chocolatiers  who manage and guide the entire process from the grinding of the beans to the moulding of the choclate bars themselves.

Cadeau – Happy Chocs is the name of the chocolate “bars” which contain four generous and delicious bouchee’s of praline and caramelized hazelnut chips, and they are on sale in select supermarkets.

I myself am sitting here typing as I bite into their undeniable deliciousness 🙂

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.”
– Linda Grayson