Home of Hope in the Wider Community

Working to Improve the Lives of South Africans Daily

Outreach to Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in the Inner City

  • Mam Khanyi has a hands-on approach and visits the neighbourhoods to identify those at risk of abuse and intimidation
  • We work closely with the South African Police Services and other welfare organisations to identify  the perpetrators
  • We remove vulnerable young people from dangerous situations
  • Set into motion legal action to protect them
  • Help people reclaim their neighbourhoods from the tyranny of drug dealers and pimps
  • Provide immediate practical help such as food and clothing
  • Obtain children’s necessary documents i.e. birth certificates and ID documents
  • We assist children to enroll in school, get school uniforms and books

 Permaculture Gardens

  • Home of Hope is actively working to produce a sustainable food sources
  • In Mayfair, permaculture gardens are made alongside the community who will also benefit from the results
  • We pass on the skills needed to maximise the benefit from  gardens
  • Provide the opportunity for people to start their own  gardens
  • At our Kensington home our vegetable gardens suppliments the girls’ diet

HIV/AIDS, STI’s Prevention, Education, Early Intervention

  • Home of Hope is active in education and support for those at risk and effected by HIV
  • Negotiates  to have condom dispensers provided in high risk areas
  • Forms and maintains support groups for people living with HIV/AIDS 
  •  Provides a shelter care worker who attends  the meetings and provides counselling 
  • Assists with practical challenges such as job opportunities
  • Advises people on their rights in the workplace and with regards to their healthcare

On-street Feeding Schemes 

  • When funds allow we provide a daily meal for  the homeless of Berea, Betrams & Mayfair