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The Saturday I stepped up to the plate…

Why is it that in my house the conversation has always been, "we should do.something for charity, maybe volunteer at an old age home or a soup kitchen..." Since I was a kid,  my divorced Oprah loving Mother of two, desperately wanted to teach us about selflessness and appreciation. It was a conversation which had been had many time, but which for some 'procrastinatory' reason just never gone beyond that point.

Candy Bar wishes and Chocolate Dreams

Once upon a time there was a dream... Home of Hope relies on the support and assistance of her many and varied benefactors. Volunteers, partners, donations, investment, time... these are all ingredients which ensure that the Home is kept running and able to meet the need of the girls that live within her walls. But the dream of Home of Hope is growing, as the urgent need for

Home of Patience

The quote above by Jean-Jacques Rousseau is a favourite quotes of Patience Moyo. It is one of two she gave me when I asked her for her favourite quote as a way of starting this post, and it was followed by: “How cool is this quote, it's my name!” 🙂 Who is Patience you may ask? Well, it is with great pride and privilege that we are able to

Welcome to Home of Hope digital

It is with a great amount of pride that we welcome you to our new website and blog. For those of you who have known us from before, “Welcome Back Home, what do you think of the renovations?” To the newcomers, we welcome you and thank you for stopping by, how do you take your coffee? Seem a bit playful? We’d like you to think about what the